Do more with less energy. This is Energy Efficiency.

To be more efficient means to obtain the same result using less effort, in other words, generate the same amount or even get more work and/or tasks done using fewer amounts of energy, preserving natural resources, while keeping comfortable and the work quality and/or life quality.

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Heat Exchanger QualiBanho® +30 in stainless steel

The Heat Exchanger QualiBanho® +30 in stainless steel is a system of pre-heating the shower water. It comes combined with a set of accessories that together can reduce up to 50% of the water consumption during the showers, and the flow regulation ensures water economy and flows in the right amount while keeping shower quality. Know more.

The Green Shower Seal of Sustainability fulfills 13 SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 UNDP -United Nations Development Programme Goals

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Heat Exchanger  QualiBanho® +30  in stainless steel
Decrease in electric  energy consumption.

Decrease in electric energy consumption.


The equipment that forms the Heat Exchanger QualiBanho® +30 in stainless steel uses advanced technology, everything is designed to reduce electric power consumption without losing quality and shower temperature!

Even in cold regions, with snow incidence, load and consumption reduction is proven when replacing class “E” or “F” electric showers with class “B” or “C” power equipment. For warmer regions, it is possible to attend with class “A” power equipment. Regardless of the season, the bath will always be green, thus reducing electricity consumption.

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Decrease water  consumption.

Decrease water consumption.

We use a dynamic water flow controller in our system, thus providing a significant reduction in water use, which allows adjusting the normalized flow values, therefore providing the system with a significant decrease in water consumption, the use of water flow control makes smart use of energy possible.

The economic potential is approximately 15.000 liters of drinking water every year in families of 4 people. Saving drinking water during the shower automatically reduces the quantity of effluent treatment necessary.

Conscious use of valuable resources!!

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Commitment with sustainability

The Heat Exchanger QualiBanho® +30 in stainless steel has 6 Industrial Patents 2 being patented with the acknowledgments of Green Patent Seal by World Industrial Property Organization (WIPO)

Commitment with sustainability

We associate the Heat Exchanger QualiBanho® +30 in stainless steel technology to the industrial patents, which reassure our commitment to Energy Efficiency, innovation, and sustainability.

The projects by the Heat Exchanger QualiBanho® +30 in stainless steel have already met 13 of the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the 2030 schedule from UNDP.

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